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There’s no question, 360-degree feedback is an excellent tool for developing leaders.  However, without fully UNDERSTANDING and strategically ACTING on  the feedback, much of the value of 360 is left unrealized.  All too often, reports are quickly filed away and things immediately go back to “business as usual.”

If you want real and lasting performance improvement, you must ensure your organization has a solid plan and adequate resources to deliver feedback, create high-quality development plans, and guide developmental efforts.  It’s these elements that will make or break your process.

While there are times clients use AlignMark as a pure survey delivery and reporting partner, that’s typically not the case.  Most often we continue to partner with clients after the survey – whether that’s just to handle the initial feedback or involved longer-term to help develop specific leaders.


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Feedback & Coaching Packages

Level 1

Expert Interpretation & Development Kick Start

  • Report delivered and pre-read by focal manager.
  • 45-60 minute phone call with focal manager to:
    • Discuss the objectives for the process
    • Perform a walk-through of the report and identify key themes
    • Discuss more specific behavioral findings and offer developmental strategies
    • Offer a template and best practices for creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
    • Suggest specific next steps the focal manager should take within the next 30 days

Level 2

Individual Development Planning (IDP) Deep Dive

  • Includes the initial session described in Level 1 (i.e., Call 1)
  • Call/Discussion 2 (1 hour)
    • Perform deeper analysis and discussion of the underlying causes of results
    • The focal manager can choose to include his/her manager in this discussion
    • Coach will provide specific counsel and advice to help the focal manager prepare an IDP
    • Homework: Focal manager is to create actual IDP and submit to AlignMark Coach for review
  • Call/Discussion 3 (1 hour)
    • The focal manager’s IDP is reviewed in detail
    • Coach will work with the focal manager to finalize the IDP
    • A list of 3-5 key action items are identified as priorities for the next 30-60 days
    • A copy of the IDP and 30-60 day priorities are provided to the focal manager’s supervisor

Level 3

Comprehensive Coaching Engagement and Reassessment

  • Includes all sessions and outcomes outlined in Levels 1 and 2
  • 4 structured 30-minute sessions to discuss progress on IDP and modify as needed (monthly)
  • Focal manager has access to his/her AlignMark Coach for ongoing questions/support
  • After 90-120 days, administration of a “trend” survey to measure progress
  • Review trend survey results to monitor improvement and re-focus IDP actions based on findings
  • Guaranteed improvement – if improvement is not seen we will continue to work with them until improvement is seen. This could include additional sessions, additional survey administrations, etc.

Feedback & Coaching Packages & Pricing

NOTE: All Coaching and Feedback Packages INCLUDE the cost of the participant’s survey delivery and report – up to a $95 value!  (For example, if you select Level 1, the $350 fee covers the survey, report, and the Interpretation & Development Kickstart)

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