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AlignMark 360 Feedback

A Smarter Approach That Drives Real Performance Improvement


A Smarter Approach.

Let’s face it.  There’s NO lack of 360 vendors competing for your attention.  With all the bells and whistles, it can be a real challenge trying to make sense of it all!  We believe most offerings in the market miss the mark, losing sight of the most important aspect of all – positive behavioral change.

Too often, 360 feedback is treated as an “event,” with the reports quickly getting filed away.  At AlignMark, we’re committed to changing this for our clients.  Through our process, reports, and personalized feedback and coaching, we’re laser-focused on helping your employees experience real, lasting performance improvement.


Valid Survey Content

If you want great results, you’ll need to start with great survey content.  Whether you leverage AlignMark’s existing library of surveys (no extra charge), use our content as a starting point for customization, or want to deliver your existing survey, we’ve got you covered!

Flexible Technology

If there is one word to describe AlignMark’s survey administration and reporting technology, it would be “flexible”.  Survey presentation, rater groups, survey scales, collection of comments, and report elements – they’re all flexible to meet your needs.

The Human Factor

Yep… there are actually humans behind our technology.  In fact, that’s really the secret sauce!  Our service folks jump through hoops to exceed expectations and our seasoned Industrial Psychologists guide participants on a journey from insight into developmental action.

The Survey Process Couldn’t Be Simpler.

Step 1 - Raters are Assigned

Alignmark-360-Feedback-Rating-FormRater can either be assigned directly by the participant through the software (where the participant would receive an email invitation to take action) or our team can preload an approved list of raters for each participant.

Step 2 - Confidential Surveys are Completed

Alignmark-360-Feedback-Rating-FormAs raters are assigned (or preloaded), emails will be sent to the respective individuals assigned to complete the participant surveys. Your schedule will dictate when those surveys are due and we’ll take care of sending out reminders to those folks with outstanding surveys.  This helps ensure the best possible response rate.

Step 3 - Feedback Reports are Generated

Alignmark-360-Feedback-Feedback-ReportAfter the survey campaign is complete, we generate the feedback reports.  These can be sent to one central company contact (i.e., project lead in HR) or directly to the participants.  We’ll work with you to determine what is best based on the feedback strategy that has been defined.

Step 4 - Feedback, Planning and Development Begin

Alignmark-360-Survey-Development-FeedbackThe survey process is useless unless you have a development plan for each participant.  The most successful campaigns will be those who work with the participants to create a development plan using their feedback.  Check out our Feedback & Coaching offerings for more information.

Why AlignMark?

  • We’ve delivered over 5 million assessments
  • We’ll bring over 30 years of experience to your project
  • Our highly flexible technology is designed to meet your needs
  • We’ll help you increase performance – NOT just deliver a survey
  • Our “white-glove” service allows you to sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting

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